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OTA's / Travel Agency / Tour Operators

Travel Agencies, Tour Operators' business has become extremely competitive, with wafer-thin margins. To gain visibility, content in multiple languages is required. When you service customers from all over, you need to be present in native language.

Further, most of the travel bookings today are done online by the travellers themselves. And the success is dependent on an effective multilingual website.

Travel Translationz has created a strong group of travel specialist to deliver high quality of translated content. We translate and transcreate your content in multiple language, to bring more customers under your umbrella.

Language creates bonding. One happy will bring multiple from the same country. Some of the services to agencies are:

  • Brochure Translation
  • Packages
  • Destination Guide
  • Fact Files
  • To do List
  • Contracts
  • Audio Visual Presentations

Get your content translated today to sell more packages round the year.