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Mobile Friendly Content and Mobile Travel Apps

Go Mobile

Your mobile friendly website is most prone to languages when it comes to mobile display. Most of the languages, if not formatted professionally gets off the screen in tablet & mobile devices. For instance Arabic language moves right to left, while other languages move left to right. Similar display problems with Chinese or Russian and many others.

Worldwide, usage rate is highest for travel research and booking sites. Responsive websites are very sensitive to language content display. Result in customer losing interest and switching to other sites.

Don't lose customers.

Travel Translationz specializes in taking you to mobile friendly language responsive website. Bringing more guests and visitors and improving your tourist inflow, bookings, occupancy and ARR.

Mobile Apps

The mobile application is a preferred tool for tourist today. Be it local information, restaurants, shopping, hotels, transportation, museums. Mobile in multiple languages is perfectly what a tourist needs today to travel independent in a city.

Travel Translationz can create multilingual travel apps, which every hotel and travel service provider needs today. We understand how a tourist or hotel guest navigates an app from an information point of view. What is required, when and in which language?

A travel app in multiple language is a perfect way to engage tourists.