Hotels & Resorts

Hotels host guests from around the world. Speaking different languages and coming from varied cultural background. Attracting new customers in your hotel depends on one critical factor is your ability to reach potential customers in their preferred language. And further guarantee that your service level and customer experience in each language meets the high standards they demand?

How will you turn new customers into loyal, repeat guests?

Travel Translationz is the most trusted provider of language services and related technologies to hospitality sector worldwide. Our innovative solutions make it easy to launch into new markets, attract new customers, cultivate relationships, and build loyalty over the long haul.

  • Content Translation Strategy
  • Multilingual Site Management Technology
  • Booking Engine Localization
  • Multilingual Customer Service Support
  • Learning & Training Localization
  • Conference Translation Services
  • In-House, In-Room, Dining Translation
  • Translation Support for GDS and OTA Content

In-Room Services

  • Whether its in-room service manual, spa menu, hotel facilities or fire exit instructions. All should be in guest language.
  • For instance a GM's welcome letter in German for German Guest will go a long way in ensuring customer loyalty.
  • Or a welcome note on TV screens in a native language will always pull customer back into your hotel or resort.
  • As simple as telephone call instructions can be localized.


Food & Beverages is one of the most important areas to boost revenues of the hotel. Create your first good impression with the menu which is the first communication between the guest and restaurant. Create a menu that a foreign guest can understand which immediately build trust and comfort level. Translated menu avoids confusion and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Investment in translating menus into multiple languages is incredibly small as compared to the potential to increase in revenue from foreign tourists

Travel Translationz has a team of translators who are food specialist. And nobody else can translate it better than them, when it comes to menu translation.

360 degree Hotel Localization

Touching Points Welcome In-Room Others
Sales & Marketing Check-in Services & Facilities Manual Dining Menus
Website & Mobile Apps Lobby Displays Emergency Instructions In-house Promotions
Reservation Process Promotions TV/Tel. Instructions Feedback Forms
Loyalty Programs Signages GM-Welcome Note Travel Desk Support